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State of the art cylindrical rolling technology.

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Two dies

Two dies rolling machines

Three dies

Three dies rolling machines

High fin and corrugated

Other several rolling solutions

Regg Rolling designs and builds complete rolling turnkey solutions, with custom loading and unloading systems specifically tailored on customers’ needs.

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Two dies rolling machine


Three dies rolling machine

Corrugated Tube Machine

Corrugated rolling machine

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Experienced and qualified technical staff.

Our staff, with a multi-decade experience in the industry, can assist you with your rolling needs, before and after the machine installation, and even help you remotely.

Custom solutions

Our systems are fully tailored around your part to roll, to deliver you the maximum efficiency and speed with no compromises on rolling quality.

Patented systems

Our proprietary software is combined with multiple patented rolling technologies, all designed with F.E.M. analysis to obtain the most rigid structure for less die wearing.

Remote support

Thanks to the integrated remote assistance system and webcam, our technicians can help you troubleshoot your machine remotely.

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Our technical staff is available to discuss the best rolling solution for your needs.

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